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Singer-songwriter from the magical and rarefied sound

There's a voice inside me like a breath of light .... It 'ancient voice that comes from the world of the unseen

I had a gift and I preferred to follow.I only draw near to what I like and felt authentic and necessary. My name is Allegra Lusini and life for the choices that I have told you, I have not done anything but walk and play. I gave up the certainties, preferring to explore the existence. 
With my music, I create worlds and emotions and above communicate with the spirits of the sky. I had studied the art of using the voice as a healing modality. This has led to my own exploration of the esoteric application of sound, which I now weaves into the tapestry of my musical expression .I approaches my voice and composition as practices which are deeply integrated with the remote landscapes of my soul. My love for nature, wildness, and the world of the elements inspires me to write music which directly reflects their essence. Weaving a soundscape that is ethereal, haunting, and ancient, my intention is to create music which helps the listener to travel with deep and far emotions .

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